Adriana Ciocci

PhD Candidate


Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

Art History, Early Modern History, Colonial Studies, Book History, Natural History, Material Culture, Mimesis


Adriana Daniela Ciocci is a Ph.D. student at the IHPST. Her academic background has been primarily in the arts. Ciocci earned a BFA at the University of Delaware, concentrating in sculpture and went on to receive an MFA from Pennsylvania State University. After several years working in the arts sector in New York City, she received an MA in interdisciplinary humanities from New York University. At the IHPST, Ciocci researches the intersection of art and natural history in early modern Europe. More specifically, she is interested in how reconstructed recipes from early modern craft texts may lead to a reclamation of knowledge about the bodily experience, tacit knowledge, and depth of material understanding that early modern artists and artisans possessed. She is also a doctoral student in the Book History & Print Culture Collaborative Specialization Program, where she will focus on the ways in which a book's materiality can lead to new understandings of history and culture. The aim of this investigation is to better understand the inexpressible nature of practice and issues of knowledge transmission. It is her hope that this inquiry will illuminate tendencies to erase and deform knowledge in the transitions between peoples, places, times, and media to better demonstrate how text plays a part in creating and disseminating instances of ignorance as well as systems of knowledge.